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Privacy Trumps Justice?

Privacy is a big issue that has been plaguing the people of the 21st century with solid brown doubts. We all have a vertiginous right to safeguard our information from the narrowed prying eyes that seem to fathom a reason to scream purpose with supposed justice by looking in just every open field, every narrow crack, and even in the supposed privilege of privy that is prophetic of entitlement in your own dwellings that you chose to abide by and reside in. Certainly this type of information is not meant to be allowed to be snatched into any loose ear that eagerly dangles around the corner to listen, at least that’s what we would hope for in the style and comfort of our own homes and cots.

But lets get a bit real, with the advent of technology it is becoming increasingly relaxed by each passing day to spy on others for any intended fallacy or reason... With directional zany sound wands to precious infrared cameras mounted on most anything ranging from that lovely dashing dashboard in a cruiser of a car to the high and mighty drones that just might be peeking in from above if allowed by the ever prevalent stalker we all call el Presidente of these United Stalkers, er, I mean states, and the laws that only beckon unto him an individual and not the people... Now low and behold gps tracers are just pesky ants lined in a row of your phone, carrying all that information by the worker drones being used to see all the landmarks you call your kin back to the queen. This all from your ever trusting know-it-all pal of a device that you probably carry on an article of clothing throughout the day to day treks that you partake in, always having just your best interest in mind, right? Now this is meant as a critical thinking moment not but a poor paranoia flee. As thinkers take action, paranoia leads astray...

This information is wondrous when it’s used to retrieve a wandering phone that may have slipped out from a pocket with but some loose change at the local coffee shop. But this information certainly isn't all that grand if an enraged ex-girl friend was to get a-hold of all that lucrative data with a sting of fire but a waiting moment away. And certainly not to be viewed by just any person who happens to be a member of a local enforcement agency that suspects you of your hair of twisting the wrong way.

What's that you say? There’s a system in place this day we have? To ensure just do-law is to be obeyed. This court to speak that no one is authorized to jump the trigger of the gun in a beat of trump, just because someone is suspected of something... Certainly does not make it an r-ambitious edition.  We have processes that are in place to prevent spread of mal-information, to gathering in a suite that is none of someones else's business... The only information that should be obtained, is that from true probable cause, as in real life physical evidence that points concretely to a fact of the matter at hand. Else the expression mind your own business fits this whim with a very swell swallow.

Respect your citizens and they will respect you. The tick of a second that someone gets a tripin’ with power over just someone, is when things seem to start to crumble and fall to pieces as it then becomes about someone trying to prove a point versus what the system is really all about, and that’s true justice on the true matters at hand. and I for one would suggest that the more focus on criminals with flirtatious concrete evidence that is not made up in the slightest bit the better as justice would be brought to the applicable cases.

You certainly can’t go after a suspected gun toting half-witted psycho with mal-intent if there is nothing pointing to the idea of what the intent even is. The great thing about our system is that we are all safe in the presumption that a person is innocent until proven guilty; as only anybody can be a pointing the accusing of a finger to anyone of anything, and certainly anybody looking for any form of any arrow that might be pointing to any alignment with any of the accusers testimony is just purely hearsay of anything and everything. Oh how psycho can fit the description just described. As with today's advent of Photoshop and CG, many forms of evidence can be conjured up at a whim of desire to then shine the spotlight on the shedding nature of a lying accuser who now shall be placed into the justly accused chair of a criminal once truth be lit bright with fire at the daybreak or any time in-between that shadowy ridden landscape with malice filled valleys with dead-end mazes a trot. Justice, the accusers will accuse themselves, no need for any other drastic actions to take event. As accusers fail to see that in order for justice to be served, one cannot have an opinion on the matter. Else you’ll read too much into the matter and waste precious time and energy doing that when so much else can blossom instead if allowed to be nourished in the right way.

We the people have created a marvelous justice system that works wonder in this sinful feeder that we tread on through, while trying to keep our heads above the slippery slopes beneath the water filled barrens that some choose to embark upon. But the high ground is much more pleasant if we could only all just justly justify the jester of juicy jubilee of just that thing justly called just life. As there is no hiding the real truth.

Release the innocent prey you stalk this day, as the mouse in the maze has had it’s haze. Flock to reason with playful ways, as all else is drab and dry.

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